Blackberries are in, with benefits for your skin!

“Smooth skin, young skin, where have you been?”

“I’ve been to Berryland to get some sheen!”


Hey Woman, know what, you’re the light of the universe! Every ray of the sun loves to bounce off your skin. Every drop of rain years to rub your face and disappear inside your soul. Yeah, you’ve surely got a good thing going!


Now I gotta ask you - are you taking good care of your skin, or are you one of those that are willing to let the elements of nature freely abuse it? Hey, I’ve been half way around the world and all the latest skincare trends are at my fingertips. My social media handles are constantly pinging me what’s going on in the skincare scenario. So, who better than me to let you in on some super secrets for keeping your skin “koochie-kooing”.


You like eating berries? Hey that’s great, same here dear! If I tell you how they keep your skin rocking, you’ll wanna take the citizenship of Berryland, actually!


Berries sure are delicious and worth munching while your working or generally sailing through life. Now when you’ve given me your ear, lemme tell you that these small wonders are super packed with vitamins and healthy nutrients essential for keeping your skin in super shape and health. Surely you wanna stay looking young for as long as just before infinity, right? Looking young was never so delicious!


I know you’re like super busy, so guess what I’m gonna super crunch the benefits that berries bless you skin with!


  • Give your skin a youthful look
  • Slow down the signs of aging
  • Keep away sun spots and stretch marks
  • Protect your skin cells from damage


And whose bringing you all those super awesome berry based skincare products?

BERRICA of course!