All you need to know about Superfruits!!

Hey Woman, know what? You’re a Superwoman! The number of exciting activities you pack in a day are super awesome, seriously. You’re a true multi-tasker and the world knows it. Which is why you take special care of your body and ensure that you devour all the right nutritious goodies. Unhealthy and so called “fast food” stays miles away from you. A healthy diet is your passion and you’re oh so careful in choosing what goes in your body. So dear, Let me ask you - you’re taking care of your physical health for sure, but what’s the deal with your skin health? I mean, have you considered superfruits for wowing your skin with a healthy diet.


Now you’ll ask me “what is a superfruit?”. I saw that coming so my answer is ready! A superfruit refers to any fruit which is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins which make the fruit even healthier for you than the average fruits. They play an important role in detoxifying your skin. and keep it happy and healthy with a natural glow.


Of course you want to look 18 till eternity! Superfoods know this desire of yours and are impatient to go into your body or be applied directly on your skin, so that they can keep your skin wrinkle-free and super tight. By boosting collagen production, superfoods give your skin that loving plump, youthful look and keeps it from sagging.


You’re out a lot in the sun for sure, and you’re exposing your face and arms to exposure from free radicals! Superfruits effectively countering this damage with their armour of antioxidants and vitamins.  


Your rule is simple - “Breakups maybe but breakouts? Never!” Say goodbye to acne and skin breakouts with the powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial antioxidants in superfruits, that give a tough fight to the free radicals and toxins which cause acne and breakouts.


Now I’m double sure that, after knowing all of this this, you’ll wanna order superfruits right now on your grocery app!


But do you know which all fruits are considered superfruits? Hey, that’s what I’m here for. So here I go! Here’s your ready reckoner for superfruits which are nature’s blessing for your skin.


Plums | Apples | Avocados | Tomatoes | Pomegranates | Grapefruit | Dragon Fruit | Papayas


And guess which are the biggest superfruits of all? Those awesome berries that you love so much and keep munching away now and then!


So come on woman, pump up those berries in your system and embrace the calling of eternal youth. I’m sure you’re gonna get a berry good feeling!